Song Hye Kyo’s various talents and successful careers (featuring her lesser-known ice-skating past) 

Once a passionate figure skater, Song Hye Kyo is now a talented actress and sought-after face of brands and products. 

Song Hye Kyo started acting when she was 20 years old and soon captured attention for her stunning and appealing visuals. However, few people know that, before making her mind and stepping into the entertainment industry,  the actress and beauty Song Hye Kyo once thought of becoming a sports athlete, contributing to her country. 

Song Hye Kyo studied and trained diligently figure skating throughout her years in elementary and middle schools. She was a part of the school’s skating team and loved the subject. However, when Hye Kyo uncovered her acting capabilities and got the chance to act in film projects, she decided to follow the path of actress. 

Coincidentally, the actress’s ex-husband, Song Joong Ki, was also passionate about short track speed skating. He had 12 years of training under his belt and possessed impressive performance skills. The actor boasted his skating techniques in the drama series “Triple” in 2009. 

As an actress, Song Hye Kyo rose as an A-list star thanks to the 2000 drama “Autumn In My Heart”. She subsequently joined in other major drama projects such as “All In”, “Full House” and “Descendants of the Sun”. From 2015, the actress secured the top position in the list of famous Korean actresses issued by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. She assumed the most known name and high reputation across Asia for the past 20 years. 

Recently, Song Hye Kyo made her return to the screen with the romance drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, co-starring with Jang Ki Yong, after 3 years off the screen following her divorce with Song Joong Ki. 

At 40, the actress still maintains her status of a famous top star when many brands rush to the actress for her endorsement. She earned 900 million won (around 789 thousand USD) as the endorser for a brand in 2019. 

Similarly, in 2021, she earned 3.6 billion won (more than 3.1 million USD)  in appearance fees for four short advertisements for a fashion brand, topping the list of the “CF Queens” of Korea. 

Reputation is the primary reason why Song Hye Kyo is selected as the face of a brand. A makeup cream line hit the 1-million mark in sales while her endorsed Laneige’s lipstick sold more than 160 thousand pieces in one month. 

As the sought-after face of brands and products, the actress can easily earn 500 thousand USD with a single Instagram post. 

Source: vietgiaitri

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