Spoiler confirmed? “I’m Solo” contestant Oksoon posted a photo that drew attention

SBS Plus entertainment ‘I’m Solo’ 10th generation Ok-soon released a photo that is suspected of being a spoiler. 

On the 24th, Ok-soon reported on her Instagram that she met with the special cast of ENA PLAY and SBS Plus’s “I am a Solo.”

In the released photo, Ok-soon and Young-sik, as well as Young-ho, Young-sook, Soon-ja, and Kwang-soo were present. They attract attention by showing a friendly atmosphere.

Ok-soon showed off her extraordinary affection for the cast, leaving phrases such as “My Love Soon-ja” and “I love you unnie.

However, some netizens raised suspicions of spoilers that it included a photo of Ok-soon holding Young-sik’s arm and holding hands. The two naturally sit side by side, smiling brightly, and giving off a mood like a couple.

Meanwhile, in the recently aired ‘I am SOLO’, Ok-soon is raising the possibility of becoming a couple with Young-sik. ‘I’m Solo’ airs every Wednesday at 10pm on ENA PLAY and SBS Plus.

Source: wikitree

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