Sunye’s dog contracted heart disease “it was hard to breathe because its heart was too big”

Sunye, a former leader of the group Wonder Girls, shared the news of her dog’s battle with heart disease.

Sun-ye said on September 24 with a video of her dog on her personal SNS, “[Her dog’s] heart has gotten so big that it’s hard to breathe these days. Why did its heart get bigger? Its face is still like a baby, but it is already 10 years old”. 

The dog in the video was just tilting its cute face without knowing, making it even more pitiful for viewers.

Netizens who heard the news showed reactions such as “I feel sorry for the pets who are getting older than us”, “I know what you feel”, and shared best wishes to the idol and her dog. 

In the past, Sunye married a missionary five years older than her in 2013 and they have three daughters.

Sunye made a successful re-debut with MAMADOL (M.M.D) (Kahi, Jung-ah, Sunye, Hyun Jyuni, Byul, Yang Eun-ji) through tvN’s entertainment show “Mama the Idol” in February.

In addition, Sunye released a new album “[Genuine]” on July 26 and promoted the title song “Just A Dancer”.

Source: nate

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