J-Hope “As soon as I got the call from Crush, my heart raced, I was shocked when I first heard the new song”

J-Hope confessed that he was shocked when he first heard Crush’s new song.

Singer Crush released the first episode of the new concept drive talk show “BLACKVOX” on its official YouTube channel on September 24. As the first guest, BTS J-Hope appeared and released a behind-the-scenes story of their collaboration.

Crush, who welcomed J-Hope, first asked “How did we get to work with each other for ‘Rush Hour’?” J-Hope said, “As soon as I got your call, my heart kept pounding I couldn’t wait to check out the song” adding, “The song itself was so incredible. It was just my style. So naturally, we came to work together

Crush expressed his gratitude, saying, “Your energy and passion were as powerful as mine” In response, J-Hope said, “I believe that I should have sincerity and respect that the project deserves. I’m always mindful of that,” he added. He also added, “I’ve always been a big fan of the artist ‘Crush’.”

In particular, Crush admired J-Hope, who participated in the rap making following the featuring, saying, “I didn’t know you were so good at writing lyrics.” J-Hope said, “I moved a lot. said The music video story was not left out”. Crush said, “I practiced the dance moves of the chorus part every single day for 2-3 straight weeks. And then you mastered the dance moves in just 30 minutes”

Finally, they held their own “Rush Hour” listening session and enjoyed a drive. The two added instant live performances to the song, boosting viewers’ excitement. Finally, Crush said, “I will show you better activities and music,” and J-Hope generously cheered, saying, “God Hyo-seop.

In addition, Crush received a heated response by performing live performances of “Oasis” and the new song “Rush Hour” for the first time on JTBC’s new music program “Music Universe K-909,” which was first broadcasted on that day. He then appeared on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday,” and showed his entertainment skills.

Crush released the new song ‘Rush Hour’ on September 22nd, and at the same time recorded the top spot on major domestic music sites, including #1 on the Bugs real-time chart. On the iTunes Top Song Chart, it topped the list in 41 regions and ranked in the top 10 in 68 regions.

Meanwhile, Crush will appear as a special MC on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ on September 25th. 

Source: daum

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