BTS Jin’s “Yours” and “Super Tuna” set new records on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart


Jin‘s first solo OST “Yours” and self-composed song “Super Tuna” ranked 7th and 12th at the same time on the official Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly (week of Feb 19th) released on Feb 16th.

Jin‘s first OST “Yours” continued its amazing milestone of getting on the chart for 14 weeks, showing Jin‘s strong solo potential.


This achievement is not only the first, only and longest chart-in for a Korean solo artist, but also beating Jin‘s own records. As such, the BTS member is keeping on presenting a feast of new records.

Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart (24 hours) is a chart that ranks the most mentioned songs on Twitter in 24 hours. Separately from the real-time chart, Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly announces the aggregate result on the weekly chart from Friday to the following Thursday.

Jin‘s “Yours” and “Super Tuna” also ranked 5th and 6th on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart/24 Hours as of 2 PM on Feb 17th.


Both songs made it onto the TOP 10 for 5 consecutive days. This made people realize Jin‘s super power.

Jin has established himself as a top soloist by showcasing his contrasting charms through “Yours“, a beautiful song with sad yet sweet lyrical aftertaste, and “Super Tuna“, a lively and cheerful self-composed track with witty lyrics.

In a recent article titled “‘Yours’ by Jin becomes the longest-charting Korean song in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart”, Allkpop introduced, “‘Yours’ by Jin is a beautiful record-setting Korean OST released on Nov 7th.”


This media outlet reported, “Jin was named ‘the most successful artist in his field’ by Forbes. 3 months after the release, the song has set another record on the new Hot Trending Songs Chart powered by Billboard.”

Allkpop added, “‘Yours’ became the longest-charting Korean Song in the Top10 of the said chart spending 9 weeks in it. More than that, Jin became the first Korean artist to have 2 songs spending at least 10 weeks on the Hot Trending Songs Chart as his other track ‘Super Tuna’ spent its 10th week on it.”

In particular, Allkpop said, “As the chart algorithm is very new, both songs had an issue of not appearing on the said chart for the first 4-5 days, with all of the mentions not being included. However, months later, both songs ‘Yours’ and ‘Super Tuna’ are still the hottest topics on Twitter, constantly being in the Top 10 most mentioned songs.”


Jin, who was selected as the most successful artist by American economic magazine Forbes, was also chosen as one of the artists with a high probability of being on the Billboard Hot 100.

This media outlet showed great interest in Jin‘s future moves, noting that Jin’s first solo OST “Yours” debuted as the second-highest-selling track in the United States.

Jin showed a variety of charms and his wide musical spectrum with “Yours” and “Super Tuna“. The public is raising expectations for Jin’s new move as a top solo artist in the future.


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