BLACKPINK Lisa’s wish is finally granted: She dyed her hair pink!

After many years, finally fans can now see BLACKPINK’s Lisa in this eye-catching hair color, and it’s not a wig! 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been saying that she wants to dye her hair pastel pink for a long time. But in recent years, her simple wish was never fulfilled. It’s either she experienced a hair-dye failure or there was never a right time for her to have pink hair. 

But dreams do come true! The wish of both Lisa and fans has become a reality. Recently, DJ Snake posted a 10-second story revealing that he was with Lisa in LA. And the most important thing is Lisa has dyed her hair pink!

The shade is also the pastel pink tone as she wanted for many years. Lisa looks absolutely cheerful in DJ Snake’s Instagram story. She must be satisfied with her new hair color. BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fans) are also excited as ever because this is the first time they get to see Lisa actually dye her hair pink instead of wearing a wig. There are even rumors that this might be Lisa’s hint at BLACKPINK’s comeback! 

 Lisa pink hair
  • Did Lisa dye her hair because BLACKPINK is shooting something soon? 
  • So she really is in the States! 
  • OMG, I’m going crazy. She’s so beautiful 
  • I’m gonna faint! We finally got pink hair Lisa! 

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