Jeon So Min made unexpected reaction to viewers who donated, shocking netizens

On March 14th, Jeon So Min guested on a live broadcast hosted by Haha (Ha Dong Hoon) on Twitch.

The actress spent time 5 hours answering questions sent by viewers and spent time communicating with them. She also played games with Haha, who appears on SBS’s “Running Man” together with her, and revealed some anecdotes about her ex-boyfriend.

jeon so min

During the broadcast, a viewer donated 50,000 won for the broadcast and noted, “Please give this to So Min noona for me”. In response, Haha said, “Okay. I’ll give it to So Min. I’ll pay for So Min’s things”.

At that moment, Jeon So Min made a sudden reaction. She banged her head on the table. The actress hit her forehead so hard, making a loud hitting sound that surprised everyone. It seemed that she was trying to show her gratitude to the viewer who generously donated 50,000 won.

jeon so min

Embarrassed by Jeon So min’s enthusiastic reaction, Haha said, “Don’t say anything”. Viewers who watched the live broadcast expressed concerns, saying “It must hurt”, “It might leave a bruise on her forehead”, “She might start bleeding if she keeps doing that”, and so on.

Afterwards, Jeon So Min repeated the action when another viewer donated 70,000 won. The actress and Haha also did a performance in which they bent their waists at a 90-degree angle.

In addition, when Jeon So Min received objections from viewers after asking, “Why don’t you guys (viewers) have girlfriends?”, she quickly made a witty apology on the broadcast, drawing laughter.

Source: Wikitree

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