DKZ Kyoungyoon Draws Controversy with Painting of Trees that Resemble Symbols of JMS

DKZ Kyoungyoon, who was embroiled in controversy after it was revealed that his parents were JMS (Christian Gospel Mission)’s believers, is once again under fire because traces of JMS found in his painting.

On March 9th, a post titled “Paintings by DKZ Kyoungyoon, who says his hobby is drawing” was uploaded on online communities such as theqoo, drawing attention from netizens.

The original poster (OP) referred to paintings drawn by Kyoungyoon in the past and reviewed several characteristics contained in them.


In Kyoungyoon’s paintings, “trees growing on rocks”, “black birds” and “sunset” repeatedly appear, and these are similar to the elements symbolizing JMS.

First of all, “trees growing on rocks” attracted netizens’ attention. “Trees growing on rocks” actually exist in Wolmyeong-dong, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, JMS leader Jung Myung Seok’s hometown, and appear in Jung Myung Seok’s poetry book. The believers regard this as a miracle created by Jung Myung Seok.


This unique image was also included in Kyoungyoon’s paintings. If you look at Kyoungyoon’s paintings, there are trees growing on rocks, and their branches are bent. Netizens say they are almost similar to the trees that exist in Wolmyeong-dong.

One netizen expressed, “The tree drawn on the flatland is straight, but the tree on the rock is drawn in a winding shape. It looks like a painting drawn from memory.”

“Black birds” and “sunset” are also raising suspicions. In JMS, “Eagle” symbolizes God, the Messiah and the Holy Spirit, while “Sunset” means “The Holy Spirit is with you”.

Some netizens suspected that it was “related to JMS”, considering that these unusual trees, black birds and sunset appeared several times in Kyoungyoon’s paintings. In the past, when appearing on SBS FiL’s “Idol Drawing Contest”, Kyoungyoon explained “I drew things that live in my memory”, which added doubts.


Netizens showed reactions such as “There are too many things overlapping to be called a coincidence”, “I don’t think it makes sense not to know that I’m a pseudo because I’ve seen him since I was born,” “He seems to be too deeply involved”, “I think he didn’t realize it was a pseudo because he grew up seeing it”…

Kyoungyoon, who debuted as a member of boy group DKZ in 2019, became a hot topic after it was revealed that his parents were JMS’ believers with the recent release of Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”.

Kyoungyoon’s agency Dongyo Entertainment said, “As a result of our investigation, Kyoungyoon believed that his parents were attending a regular church until many people reported it and until the content of the broadcast was confirmed. As soon as Kyoungyoon learned about the controversy, he was shocked. He has since confirmed the contents of the broadcast and his parents’ business has ceased operations. We have also checked all parts related to any specific organization and would like to clarify that there will be no connection to JMS.”

Source: Wikitree

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