The reason why Kang Dong Won flirts with every woman he meets in “A Violent Prosecutor” 

Here’s a fun fact about Kang Dong Won’s character in “A Violent Prosecutor”.

The 2016 crime comedy film “A Violent Prosecutor” follows Byun Jae Wook (Hwang Jung Min), a prosecutor who is falsely accused and convicted for murder. He then tries to catch the real killer while being imprisoned with the help of Han Chi Won (Kang Dong Won), a good-looking con artist.

The scenes where Han Chi Won continues to flirt with the secretary of prosecutor Yang Min Woo (Park Sung Woong) as well as a female bank employee surely bring laughter to the viewers.

kang dong won

These fun scenes are meant to emphasize the handsome image of Kang Dong Won’s character, but in the context, he is a guy who deceives people. So, this side of Han Chi Won was reflected in the ad-lib by Kang Dong Won himself.

Source: daum

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