The UN welcomes BTS to the general meeting, “BTS is a friend of the UN”

The group BTS will attend the 76th UN General Assembly as ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture.’

BTS is scheduled to give speeches and performances on behalf of youth and future generations at the opening session of the ‘Moment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),’ a special event of the UN General Assembly, at 9 pm (8 am US time) on the 20th. This content will be broadcast in real-time on the official UN YouTube channel, the official UN Web TV website, and UN Twitter.

It won’t be the group’s first time visiting the U.N. In an effort to empower the youth; the group attended the 73rd session of the U.N. General Assembly in 2018 to help launch Generation Unlimited, a campaign to “get every young person into quality education, training or employment by 2030.” At that time, the group expressed their personal experience as a representative to the younger generation, saying, “Love yourself and raise your voice. Let’s do it.”

In September of last year, as a special speaker at the 75th UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting of the United Nations Health and Security Friendship Group held online, he addressed the future generations struggling with the pandemic situation, saying, “Life goes on. Let’s live on.”   

When the news that BTS will have a third time participating in the UN General Assembly was announced, not only fans around the world but also the UN gave them a warm welcome.  The UN introduced BTS as “Korean superstars, friends of the UN” on its official SNS and said this UN General Assembly event would include BTS’s performances.  Not only the UN, but the Korean government, including the Blue House and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced BTS’ participation in the UN General Assembly.


Ever since BTS skyrocketed to stardom and captured the world’s hearts, they’ve used their fame to improve education, fight racism, and increase access to health care. Now, their status as global changemakers has been made official with a presidential seal. This makes not only ARMYs but also Kpop fans in general very proud!

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