Song Ji Hyo shouts in panic after touching raw chicken feet, “Are you possessed by the devil?”

The scene where Song Ji Hyo touched raw chicken feet in the recent episode of “Running Man” drew attention

The September 3rd broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” showed the members participating in the “Midsummer Night’s Detective” race featuring actor Kang Hoon as a guest.

Running Man

That day, they played a game to get hints. The members had to touch an object hidden inside mystery boxes to guess what it was and find the liar, the only person who touched another object. Yang Se Chan was the first member to touch the object and he seemed to have recognized it right away. Kang Hoon was a little scared when touching the object but he pretended to stay calm, drawing laughter. 

Running Man

After Yoo Jae Suk finished his turn, Song Ji Hyo bravely touched the object. However, as soon as she touched it, she got frightened and screamed. Since no one responded to her, Song Ji Hyo continued to mutter to herself with a confused expression.

Running Man

Seeing Song Ji Hyo keep screaming and talking alone, Ji Seok Jin commented, “Did she get possessed?”. Haha commented, “You look so scary. Don’t do it. Are you possessed by the devil?”, drawing laughter.

Unlike other members, Jeon So Min touched the object without hesitation and knew the answer right away. In the end, the object was actually raw chicken feet and the liar turned out to be Yoo Jae Suk.

Source: Daum

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