IZ*ONE Yu Jin occupies spotlight when standing next to aespa

Ahn Yu Jin, who has actress-like beauty and impressive body proportions, took over aespa’s spotlight on the music show.

On May 30, Aespa appeared at Inkigayo and had a short interview with MC Ahn Yu Jin (IZ*ONE).  The moment when Kbiz’s 10x idols stood next to each other caused a stir among netizens and became a hot topic on the Pann forum.

Ahn Yu Jin received many compliments for her tall figure, long legs, and extremely impressive body proportions.  Even though she deliberately took a step behind, she was still taller than the aespa members.  There are even comments saying that Yu Jin’s body proportions are more beautiful than Karina – who is known as having the perfect appearance as an Al character.

Some commented: “Ahn YuJin is really tall, Karina is shorter than I thought”; “Actually, Karina’s legs are not long but her waist and hips saved all her body”; “Karina is only about 1.67m tall, and Ahn YuJin is over 1.7m and both have great proportions”; “Although Ahn Yu Jin took a step back, I couldn’t take my eyes off her”; “Ahn YuJin is really pretty”; “YuJin has the aura and face of an actor, and her body is also amazing”; “They are all tall, with small faces”…

Ahn Yu Jin was born in 2003 and together with Jang Won Young forms the famous visual duo of IZ*ONE.  She used to be a child actress and became famous for acting in commercials.  Her pure cinematic beauty makes many people admire her.  After IZONE disbanded, Ahn Yu Jin is likely to debut in a new girl group with Jang Won Young and enter the acting field.

Source: ione

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