The reason why the 8-year-old girl group Oh My Girl is being welcomed on entertainment shows

Girl group Oh My Girl, who mark their 8th debut anniversary this year, is opening a spectacular second act in their career.

Celebrating their 7th debut anniversary in May this year, all members of Oh My Girl, except Ji-ho, officially signed a new contract with WM Entertainment to continue their group activities. Overcoming the ‘7 year curse’ with their contract renewal, Oh My Girl raised high expectations for more amazing activities in the future.

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As a result, Oh My Girl’s next move naturally gain keen attention. After making a big hit with “Nonstop” in 2020, 5 years after their debut, Oh My Girl has established their solid position in the K-pop market by releasing consecutive hit songs, including “Dolphin”, “Dun Dun Dance”, and “Real Love”. Although Oh My Girl reached their heyday relatively late compared to other girl groups, they are proving that the group is still steadily growing. Along with this, the news of Oh My Girl renewing contracts also made fans look forward to the diverse music colors that the girl group will perform in the next promotions.

Looking at their current situation, which is 4 months since their contract renewal, Oh My Girl’s second act came faster and stronger than expected. What impress the public is that the girls have begun to stand out on an unexpected stage. While many people thought Oh My Girl would proceed with a big move in music, the girl group is doing surprisingly well on entertainment programs.

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Of course, Oh My Girls has also appeared in various entertainment programs for idols since their debut and made their faces known to the public. However, except for Seung-hee, who is known as the representative entertainer of the group, others did not stand out in this field. In fact, it was not because they don’t have a good sense of entertainment, the members actually had fewer opportunities to show themselves on variety shows. 

However, Oh My Girl’s status in the world of entertainment programs has changed remarkably. The most active member on TV shows now is Mimi.


Known as a rapper of Oh My Girl, Mimi recently emerged as a blue chip in the variety show industry after appearing on tvN’s “Earth Arcade”. Mimi, who joined the so-called “Na Young-seok Team” after being cast by PD Na Young-seok as a fixed member on an entertainment show for the first time since her debut, drew the public’s attention with her unique pronunciation and clumsy side. Mimi is expected to show more impressive performance in the entertainment field as “Earth Arcade” has confirmed the production of Season 2.

YooA’s performance is also notable. YooA, who has been famous for her dreamy voice, dance skills, and her position as the visual member of the group, also heralded a new performance with her unexpected sense of entertainment that she had not shown before. YooA impressed the viewers with her chemistry with Lovelyz’s Mi-joo on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” and made everyone laugh with her random talks and sense of humor through some web entertainment shows, such as “No Prepare”, “Yong-jin’s Health Center”, etc. In response to this new appearance of YooA, many netizens exclaimed, “Why didn’t you go on variety shows earlier?”.

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In fact, Oh My Girl members’ entertainment activities are welcomed by the public not just because they have now gained enough popularity and made their names known widely to the public. One of the reasons why “7 year curse” happens in the idol market is due to the nature of idols who tend to recognize the limitations in their abilities and what they can show to the public before and after reaching their 7th year. However, Oh My Girl has now entered their 8th year and they’re still showing great potential and passion for new activities. The girls are focusing on taking challenges that can reveal each member’s charms that have not been shown before. Expectations are high for the future of Oh My Girl members, who will perform beyond the title of a long-lasting girl group.

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