The 2022 K-drama scene ends with “Descendants of the Sun” team: Song Joong Ki followed by Song Hye Kyo 

After Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” ends, Song Hye Kyo’s “The Glory” will air. 

The end of 2022 will be taken over by those who worked together in “Descendants of the Sun”. As Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” broke through the viewership rating of 20%, “The Glory”, in which writer Kim Eun Sook and Song Hye Kyo collaborated again, is about to be released.

Song Joong Ki, who played Captain Yoo Shi Jin in “Descendants of the Sun”, recently returned in “Reborn Rich” as Jin Do Joon, the youngest grandson of a chaebol family who is reincarnated from Yoon Hyun Woo, a secretary unjustly killed by that family. Through his delicate acting and handsome visuals, Song Joong Ki has once again proved that he is an irreplaceable actor. 

song joong ki Reborn Rich

With Song Joong Ki’s performance, “Reborn Rich” recorded the highest viewership rating of 24.5%, remaining the highest-rated drama of the year. With the highest ratings in JTBC drama history, attention is being paid to what kind of record “Reborn Rich” will write with the remaining two episodes.

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While “Reborn Rich” is about to end on December 25th, at the end of 2022, Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, a collaboration between writer Kim Eun Sook and Song Hye Kyo, will come out. 

“The Glory” marks Song Hye Kyo’s return to the small screen after about 11 months since the end of “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. Along with the fact that it is the first Netflix appearance of Song Hye Kyo, expectations are high because it is the next work by writer Kim Eun Sook, who penned “Goblin” and “Mr. Sunshine”. 

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“The Glory” tells the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by school violence in her childhood and the desperate revenge she prepared meticulously for her entire life and those who fall into the vortex. It will be released in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

Song Hye Kyo plays Moon Dong Eun, a victim of horrific school violence in “The Glory”. Moon Dong Eun is filled with anger and hatred, so she advances coldly and thoroughly toward her revenge. This is Song Hye Kyo’s first attempt at the revenge genre, breaking away from her common image in melodramas.

song hye kyo the glory

The “Descendants of the Sun” team, who achieved the highest viewer rating of 38.8% in 2016, will wrap up the K-drama scene in 2022. With Song Hye Kyo taking over Song Joong Ki’s baton, attention is focused on what records and stories “Reborn Rich” and “The Glory” will leave.

Source: Daum

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