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Lee Il Hwa talks about scandal with Park Bo Gum… Unreleased swimsuit photos

Actress Lee Il Hwa surprised everyone by revealing photos that made people misunderstand her as Park Bo Gum’s lover.

Actors Lee Il Hwa, Gil Hae Yeon, Jung Hae Sung, comedian Lee Guk Joo and dancer Aiki appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star“, which aired on Dec 21st.

Lee Il Hwa, who played Duk Seon’s mother in tvN’s popular series “Reply 1988“, recalled memories with the actors she worked with.

lee il hwa park bo gum

She talked about the scandal with Park Bo Gum in the past, “I was walking with Park Bo Gum during Reply’s reward vacation. I didn’t know if there were fans there, but our backside was captured.

While the photos at that time were revealed, Lee Il Hwa’s backside drew admiration.

radio star

In the photos, Lee Il Hwa showed off her slim backside in a white shirt and black hot pants. Park Bo Gum also wore a white shirt and blue pants, which could have been mistaken for a couple look.

Lee Il Hwa also revealed photos of the two wearing sunglasses and affectionately putting arms around each other’s shoulders, saying, “I looked for photos at that time and found some photos of me wearing a swimsuit next to Bo Gum.

radio star

She is still very close to Hyeri, who played her daughter. Lee Il Hwa smilingly said, “What a good daughter. Our Hyeri. She’s so nice to her family, and she’s always nice to me too. She came to watch a play in which I appeared, so I wanted to buy her a meal, but she already paid for it.

radio star

Source: Nate

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