Entertainment YouTuber says HyunA and Dawn have been showing “unusual signs” since 2021 + might have broken up before 

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho analyzed the shocking breakup of HyunA and Dawn. 

On December 1st, famous entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, posted a video titled “It wasn’t their first breakup.. The reason why HyunaDawn fought”.

HyunA and Dawn announced their breakup after 6 years of dating on November 30th. HyunA posted about it on her Instagram, and Dawn also immediately clicked ‘Like’ on her post. 

Regarding this, Lee Jin Ho said, “All of my acquaintances said they couldn’t contact the two. It was difficult to figure out what actually happened because the two cut off contact with the outside world. The two often fought due to personality differences. While HyunA  is all active, Dawn is more laid-back.”

Hyuna Dawn

Lee Jin Ho said, “On the outside, Dawn looked like the more active one in their relationship, but in real life, it was the opposite. Dawn tried hard to match HyunA’s personality. The most prominent part is his appearance. Now, through dyeing his hair and tattooing, he shows off a sickly decadent beauty, but he looked innocent and healthy when he was a trainee. Dawn even matched his style to HyunA.”

Hyuna Dawn

Lee Jin Ho added, “Although the relationship between the two became stronger as they repeatedly broke up and got back together, there were unusual signs from last year. They broke up after a big fight, so there was a cold atmosphere between them. The staff didn’t even say anything, but they knew about their breakup. However, they dramatically made up and got back together. Because of this history, shouldn’t we wait a little longer until we have a complete breakup?”

Regarding the proposal, Lee Jin Ho said, “She even received a bouquet, so there was weight on the rumor of their marriage, but my acquaintances agreed that it was spontaneous.”

Hyuna Dawn
Hyuna Dawn

Lee Jin Ho cited the business aspect and Dawn’s situation as reasons why he believes it’s going to be difficult for Dawn and HyunA to get back together this time. First of all, Lee Jin Ho said, “HyunA and Dawn have made quite a lot of sales from the end of last year to this year, but due to the structure of the idol market, they are inevitably vulnerable to the reality of dating and marriage. HyunA and Dawn also expressed their will to establish an independent start-up company rather than signing contracts with other agencies.”

Hyuna Dawn thumbnail

Also, Lee Jin Ho said, “Dawn was born in 1994 and has to enlist in the military by next year. Since they officially broke up, it would be difficult to continue their relationship with Dawn serving in the military.”

Source: Nate

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