Here’s Dawn’s reaction to HyunA’s sudden announcement of their breakup 

HyunA announced through Instagram that she and Dawn have parted ways after 6 years.

HyunA posted on her Instagram on November 30th, saying, “I broke up (with Dawn). We have decided to remain good friends and colleagues moving forward. Thank you for always supporting me and viewing me nicely.”


HyunA and Dawn are a representative long-term couple in the entertainment industry. They started dating publicly in 2016. They attended official events and broadcasts together, openly showing off their affection for one another. Last year, they even released a duet album together. 

Dawn proposed to HyunA in February. He posted a photo and video of the wedding ring on Instagram. When Dawn said, “Marry me,” Hyuna replied, “Of course YES.” Many netizens predicted that the two would get married.

But in the end, they broke up. Netizens are expressing regret at this news. Attention is also focused on what kind of announcement Dawn would make.

Hyuna Dawn

Dawn has shown his reaction by clicking ‘Like’ on Hyuna’s Instagram post. Netizens who saw this showed their surprise by leaving comments such as “It looks like they broke up on good terms”, “This is like Hollywood”, “I think they will come out on Transit Love”.

Source: Wikitree

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