This Kpop idol ran away from home after conflict with father and worked part-time for 3 years

As a student, this Kpop idol ran away after ranking 10th in the whole school and worked part-time for 3 years to make ends meet.

On the December 21st episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class” (literal translation), Son Ho Young, who visits his home to rest and spend a year-end party with his father and sister, was featured. 

Son Ho Young

On this day, Son Ho Young visits his home, saying, “I came home because I felt like I needed a break after finishing g.o.d’s concert.”

Son Ho Young

In response, his father advised the male idol to “enjoy some freedom” and showed worries about his son’s health, asking if the concert was difficult. 

When Son Ho Young answered that he still has to work, the father embarrassed him by inquiring, “Then what about marriage?”

Son Ho Young

On the other hand, Son Ho Young, who quarreled with his father while still showing a friendly side, revealed on an entertainment show that he ran away from home for three years due to a conflict with his father when he was teenager. 

Son Ho Young

In particular, the idol appeared in season 3 of “Happy Together”, and expressed that despite being good at studying and ranking in the Top 10 of the whole school, he wasn’t able to please his father. Since father, who had a doctorate in engineering, always scolded him over not ranking first, Son Ho Young said. 

According to Son Ho Young, he hated his father at the time, to the point he decided to leave the house, packed his bags, and ran away with the determination that he would never return home. The male idol ended up living on the street and working part-time jobs for 3 years. 

Son Ho Young

Afterwards, he returned while holding the first CD album of the famous 1st gen Kpop group g.o.d, having joined as a member. The male idol also shared that upon seeing him, his mother bursted into tears, while his father’s hair had turned gray. 

Son Ho Young

“As we slept on the same mattress that day, I promised my father that I will make a lot of money and make him proud, and now we are still living together,” Son Ho Young said. 

On the other hand, Son Ho Young debuted in the music industry in 1999 as a member of g.o.d, a sensational first-generation Kpop group. The group achieved nation-wide popularity with hit songs such as “To Mother”, “Road”, and “One Candle”. 

god concert

Source: Daum

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