“Alchemy of Souls” Go Yoon Jung reveals her secrets to gaining a perfect body 

Go Yoon Jung is drawing attention for her stunning visuals and physique after appearing in season 2 of “Alchemy of Souls”. 

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”, the 2nd season of “Alchemy of Souls”, is becoming the talk of town with its intriguing plot and answers to the first season. In this part, however, actress Jung So Min stepped down, and actress Go Yoon Jung replaced her as the female lead. With outstanding beauty and stable acting skills, the actress is drawing plenty of attention.

Go Yoon-jung

In real life, Go Yoon Jung flaunts a perfect physique and height of 167 cm. There’s no spare fat on her slim body, yet she looks lively with perfect proportions. According to the actress herself, there are several tips that she applies to her everyday life to attain such a figure, and below are some of them. 

Pay attention to posture 

Go Yoon Jung
go yoon jung

Having debuted as a model, Go Yoon Jung would shoot various pictorials for her magazines and commercials, and so is acutely aware of the camera. As a result, she pays close attention to her posture even in daily life activities. 

Go Yoon Jung

According to Go Yoon Jung, she would observe how she looks while working through a mirror and try to fix her posture, straighten her back, and suck in her stomach. Over time, she has made all of these her habit, form muscles, and reduce fat distribution in her back and lower abdomen. In addition, a good posture also leads to better shoulder and neck lines. 

Limit carb consumption, drink lots of water 

go yoon jung thumbnail

Diet also plays a major part in achieving an ideal body, and Go Yoon Jung utilizes this to the fullest. The actress would try to limit carb consumption, and drink a lot of water in her daily life. 

Even when she has to eat carbs, Go Yoon Jung would opt for “good carbs” like sweet potatoes and brown rice to avoid fat and skin rash. At the same time, adequate water assists her body’s metabolism and detoxification. 

Do ballet and Pilates 

Go Yoon Jung pilates
Go Yoon Jung pilates

Go Yoon Jung also shared that she used to practice ballet for a role, and then grows attached to the sport. It is known that ballet vastly improves muscles, posture, and bodyline, without making the body bulky, and helps to reduce fat and weight. 

Go Yoon Jung pilates

The actress also posted various photos of herself doing Pilates – an exercise which helps with stretching and forming curves. 

Source: Beauty31, k14

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