“ARMY, I love you forever”… BTS V’s sweet self-composed song, sincere love for fans

BTS V moved fans with his self-composed song.

On May 11th, on BTS‘ official Twitter account, V posted a video of him playing his self-composed song and communicating with fans, impressing fans around the world. While communicating with fans on the global fan community Weverse, to a fan’s post “Daddy Taehyung, are you sleeping?”, V friendly replied, “There’s another song I’m going to throw away. Should I let you listen to it?”

Soon after, V uploaded 2 videos “Hi” and “Bye” on Twitter, sharing his self-composed song and having a good time with fans. The videos of handsome V wearing a white T-shirt with the “BURBERRY” logo and dancing to the rhythm with a relaxed bare face made fans flutter, creating the illusion of a video call.

The retro-style groovy jazz melody and V‘s sensitive soft low-pitched voice harmonized beautifully with the noise of old LPs that stimulate analog sensibility, comforting listeners’ ears and hearts warmly and delicately.


“1 day will you be my sunrise in the fall? and 2 words I never used to say and 3 in the morning I’m still thinking of you but 4-ever more I love you” The self-composed song gave warm healing with a classical atmosphere, while its lovely and bubbly melody contained the unique lively and attractive sensibility of V, a happy evangelist with a positive mind. Above all, it brought perfect joy and happiness to fans.


The official account of American magazine “Affinity Magazine” posted an article saying, “Taehyung, we’re on our knees begging you to release this song.” DJ and Billboard host TETRIS received sympathy from fans by expressing his desire for the release of the song, “Yo bruh! This track.”


Fans around the world were enthusiastic about the videos that satisfied fans’ eyes and ears at the same time. V’s real name “KIM TAEHYUNG” and “Daddy Taehyung” proved his popularity by ranking first and second in the worldwide trending.

Source: Daum

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