4 times BLACKPINK clapped back at the Korean media (ft. Dispatch and Mnet) 

YG artists are known for their strong personalities, and BLACKPINK is no exception. 

YG Entertainment has always been famous for bold artists who don’t hesitate to speak their minds, and BLACKPINK is no exception. In fact, there have been many occasions where the group totally dissed the Korean media. 

BLACKPINK members all have strong personalities and won’t hesitate to act against Korean media. 

The feud between Dispatch, Mnet, and BLACKPINK is notorious to BLINKs – the fandom of BLACKPINK. First, we have to talk about how Dispatch revealed the relationship between EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie back in 2019. The couple went their own ways soon afterwards, but Jennie did not forget to surprise the new sites with a special “gift”. 

Jennie and Kai were revealed to be dating but broke up soon after. 
The dating “evidence” released by Dispatch. 
Jennie was heavily criticized when this news first broke out.

In particular, when she performed “SOLO” at the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards, Jennie adorned a gorgeous red gown and replicated herself when stalked by reporters. Against all the camera lens, the BLACKPINK member moved confidently as if to affirm that Dispatch’s revelation never affected her popularity. This made Jennie the first female YG artist to publicly mocked Korean reporters. 

Jennie’s cold reply to Dispatch, 
Fans were completely swooned by Jennie’s powerful “revenge” skit. 

In 2021, Dispatch once again tattled on Jennie’s dating life, revealing her relationship with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. However, in response to the reporters’ many photos and speculations, YG Entertainment only replied to them with one short sentence. “We can’t confirm anything since this is our artists’ personal life, we hope you understand”, the agency stated. As a result, even now, no one can tell if G-Dragon and Jennie were actually dating. 

It was reported that Jennie and G-Dragon went on dates at the male idol’s penthouse. 
Fans still doubt if G-Dragon and Jennie actually dated. 

The girl group’s relationship with broadcasting station Mnet was no better. In 2017, they painted BLACKPINK’s image in red on the stage of Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), to the great anger of fans. BLINKs demanded an apology from Mnet, but the station remained silent. 

Mnet colored BLACKPINK during a performance at MAMA. 
The original photo used by Mnet. 

YG Entertainment may act quiet, but they had a grand payback in 2019. In particular, BLACKPINK held their Tokyo Dome concert in Japan during this year, on the exact same night as MAMA Japan. As a result, BLACKPINK’s venue was filled with audiences, while MAMA lost a large amount of attention, despite having invited famous groups like BTS, TWICE, MAMAMOO, GOT7, ITZY, and TXT. 

BLACKPINK’s legendary Tokyo Dome concert was held on the same night as MAMA. 

In 2020, BLACKPINK ended up winning two grand prizes Best Female Group and Best Dance Performance Female Group at MAMA, and were also in the awards’ Top 10 Worldwide Fan’s Choice and Top 10 2020 Visionary. However, despite earning such important awards, the group didn’t even bother to send Mnet a thank you video. 

BLACKPINK won two grand awards, but did not film anything for MAMA. 

Despite being a girl group, BLACKPINK never holds back their strong personalities, and acts vastly different between friends and enemies. This only makes fans fall harder for the group. 

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