Kakaotalk conversations between Tae-yeon and a junior male idol are drawing attention, “Their personalities are clearly shown”

The personalities of Girls’ Generation’s Tae-yeon and Seventeen’s Seung-kwan were recently revealed through their messenger conversation.

Seventeen members Seung-kwan, Min-gyu, and Do-kyeom will appear as guests on the broadcast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” to be aired on May 14th.

On May 13th, “Amazing Saturday” uploaded a pre-release video introducing the guests prior to the official broadcast.


Since this is Seung-kwan’s fourth time appearing on the show, he boasted his friendly chemistry with the cast members of “Amazing Saturday”. In particular, Seung-kwan happily revealed that he formed a relationship with Tae-yeon through the show and they even exchanged phone numbers. The main vocal of Seventeen is also known as a big fan of K-pop idol groups that debuted in the early 2010s, including Girls’ Generation.


Seung-kwan said, “As a fan, I really admire Tae-yeon, so I really want to keep in touch with her but she seems to be very busy with CF shootings and variety show activities these days”. He brought up the story, “I don’t think I can contact her any time. I tried to hold back my feelings but every time I sent a message, I wrote at least 15 lines”.


The cast members of “Amazing Saturday” were confused as he said his messages were too long that they can only be viewed fully in the Kakaotalk messenger window by pressing “View All”. 


Some of the contents Seung-kwan sent to Tae-yeon were revealed on the show. His messages were full of praises for Tae-yeon’s new songs and her presence just like random messages that fans often send to idols.

In response, Tae-yeon also revealed that she periodically received such long messages, drawing laughter.


Seung-kwan continued, “Sometimes I asked ‘Noona, am I making you feel pressured?’ and she often replied ‘Not at all. Thank you so much’. She even added ‘Sometimes I do feel pressured, but thank you anyway. Your heart is so beautiful’.”

Tae-yeon shared, “I felt so thankful. I felt always grateful every time he sent me messages so I also tried to think if there were any other kinds of expressions to say other than ‘Thank you’.”


Revealing how emotional she was, Tae-yeon said, “I could feel Seung-kwan’s sincerity so I also wanted to reply to him sincerely”


Seeing their distinctive personalities, netizens on online communities commented, “Seems like an E is bullying the INFJ”, “I think I understand his feelings”, “This is so funny”, “Seung-kwan is so cute”, “Seung-kwan really looks like a sociable person”, “No one could write such long messages unless they really meant it”, etc.


More details of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” broadcast with the appearance of Seventeen members can be found on the broadcast at 7:30 on May 14th.

Source: wikitree.co.kr

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