Netizens revealed Lucas’s parents have a small business and are kindhearted people

Many fans can’t help but feel sorry for Lucas’s parents after hearing the story about the male idol’s family.

Over the past few days, Kpop fans have been focusing their attention on Lucas (Wong Yukhei). Accordingly, he was accused of secretly dating fans, gaslighting, cheating on his girlfriends, even bad-mouthing fashion brands despite being the brand’s model.

SM Ent and Lucas himself have acknowledged his wrongdoings and apologized. However, Chinese bloggers and their ex-girlfriends still constantly share posts exposing the handsome male idol born in 1999. Lucas is accused of having bad attitudes towards his group’s members, being self-centered and most importantly a real “bad boy” who was involved in relationships with many fangirls at the same time.

Lucas NCT

Recently, a user on Weibo unexpectedly shared about Lucas’ family, causing many netizens to be upset. “I’m not his fan. I don’t know him, but his father is very nice. I used to go eat his noodles many times before Lucas debuted.

When I didn’t have enough money, his father said I could pay it back later and the lunch box would be reduced by 1 yuan. Unfortunately, his family has moved.  New restaurants are twice as expensive. I miss his father’s noodle shop.

Lucas NCT

About Lucas’s mother, she is Thai, so she probably was discriminated against since she is a Southeast Asian. His father has no prejudice or discrimination. I have seen his father many times and some people would say that he has a good income.  But how much money could a small business make, when it was located in a place surrounded by middle school students and the competition was high.

I have knowledge about renting stores in Hong Kong. My friend paid 100,000 yuan per month for space on Hong Kong Island. The personality of a child would more or less resemble their parents, and Lucas’s parents are extremely honest and kind people.

Lucas NCT
Lucas NCT

That’s why I don’t think Lucas’s personality is bad. I hope his father is in good health and will maintain his business. Many people don’t know that his son is a celebrity.  I just knew it was his father’s shop by accident. I hope his parents are still fine now that their son is in such a huge scandal…”

Another user posted a post on Douban as follows: “Because of work, I used to be in contact with Label V (Lucas’s management) and hear Lucas’s manager complain: In 2019, Lucas once got into a fight with the manager. It was so serious that they stopped talking to each other.

Lucas NCT
Lucas NCT

The reason was that when the other members received their paycheck, they would send them home or buy stuff for their families. On the other hand, Lucas only spent money on expensive items for himself, although his family’s situation in Hong Kong is not as good compared to other members, so the manager was trying to give him advice.

However, Lucas chose to ignore and this led to an argument. Lucas also said WayV was able to perform at Zhejiang’s New Year’s Eve party thanks to him. That’s why the staff thought Lucas was too arrogant.”

Lucas NCT


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