“Cannes Film Festival” fashion ranking: Best aespa Karina VS Worst BIBI

YTN reporters ranked stars’ fashion on the red carpet of the 76th Cannes Film Festival held at the Cannes Lumiere Grand Theater.

K-pop group aespa and singer-actress BIBI (Kim Hyung Seo), who starred in the movie “Hopeless”, confidently stepped on the red carpet. In particular, aespa Karina was praised as Best Dresser while BIBI’s fashion was considered the worst. Some foreign stars also appeared on the list.

Best – aespa Karina

aespa is the first K-pop group to step on the Cannes red carpet with full members. Among them, Karina shone the brightest as she selected an alluring and mysterious-toned dress. Karina’s black chiffon dress exuded a sophisticated yet chic vibe that further enhances her charms. 


The female idol also highlighted her set even more with fancy and stunning Chopard jewelry. The large necklace completed Karina’s confident and elegant beauty, playing a crucial role in determining the direction of Karina’s fashion that day. 

Good – Natalie Portman

Natalie showed up on the red carpet with a more mature and charming image. Her appearance that day reminds netizens of a swan or a blooming lily in a movie. The actress showed off her innocent beauty by tying her hair high and taking advantage of light makeup. 

Natalie Portman

In addition, Natalie’s natural yet confident attitude and bright smile further completed her fashion and overwhelmed the atmosphere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Bad 1 – Brie Larson

The dress looks ridiculous with complicated patterns and silver details at the front and completely disregards the actress’s body figure. Due to its overly loose hem, the dress makes Brie Larson’s legs look short. The whole set is a complete disaster that viewers can only sigh when looking at her.


Bad 2 – Naomi Campbell

It was very courageous of her to choose a red dress to attend a red carpet event. Naomi Campbell succeeded in stealing attention but the cape of her dress that resembles peacock wings is quite excessive. In addition, the combination of the red dress, cape, and red carpet did not help to emphasize her charms at all. It was her cape that stood out rather than her bold exposure. Therefore, this fashion is undoubtedly a failed decision.

Worst – BIBI

BIBI chose a dress with patterns and lace giving off the vibe of a pajama. Compared to the large scale of the Cannes, BIBI’s fashion looks quite plain and old-fashioned.


It’s not easy for an actress to receive an invitation to the Cannes Film Festival. However, this dress is more suitable for a trip to a seaside resort in France, rather than a public event that will be recorded through pictures and videos forever.

Source: Naver

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