Beautiful middle-aged actresses are helping JTBC dominate the first half of 2023

JTBC station has achieved a series of impressive viewership records at the beginning of 2023.

In the first 6 months of 2023, JTBC’s dramas achieved impressive viewership records, all of which are surprising milestones. Three projects successively made their way into the list of the top 10 highest viewership films of all time on JTBC, marking 2023 as a year with the most dramas included in this ranking.


Firstly, “Agency” marked the comeback of Lee Bo Young, reaching a viewership rate of up to 16% and currently ranking 6th. In May, JTBC added two new works to the list, namely “Doctor Cha” and “The Good Bad Mother.” They achieved the highest viewership rates of 19.3% and 10% respectively, with “Doctor Cha” ranking 4th and “The Good Bad Mother” ranking 9th.

Furthermore, “The Good Bad Mother” also marks the first time a late Wednesday-Thursday time slot has achieved such impressive results.

This can be seen as good news for JTBC at the beginning of 2023, while also marking new strides for the Korean film industry. All three dramas belong to the realistic genre, focusing on the lives of middle-aged women, whether it’s about careers or marriages and families. Without relying on young and beautiful actresses, all three films have won over the audience with their middle-aged female leads, including outstanding performances by Lee Bo Young, Ra Mi Ran, and Uhm Jung Hwa.

Among the mentioned films, “Doctor Cha” and “The Good Bad Mother” are still airing. With the viewership steadily increasing at present, both projects still have the potential to set new records and make deeper progress into JTBC’s list of the top 10 outstanding dramas.

Source: k14

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