“King the Land” main cast introduce characters with keywords, “Goo Won is a ‘no smile’ character but…”

JTBC’s new Sat-Sun drama “King the Land” leading actors (Lee Jun Ho, Im Yoon Ah, etc.) introduced their characters themselves.

King the Land” will premiere on June 17th. The cast, including Lee Jun Ho (Goo Won), Im Yoon Ah (Cheon Sa Rang), Go Won Hee (Oh Pyung Hwa), Kim Ga Eun (Kang Da Eul), Ahn Se Ha (Noh Sang Sik), Kim Jae Won (Lee Roon), who will lead the story with their close relationships, selected the characters’ charms and interesting points to watch the drama by themselves.

Lee Jun Ho introduced his character, King Hotel manager Goo Won, as “no smile”, “rich”, and “Sa Rang (love)”. Despite being a wealthy third-generation conglomerate heir, Goo Won has never truly experienced love because he hates fake smiles. However, after meeting Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah), he will undergo a gradual transformation and finally realize the true power of love.

Im Yoon Ah, who portrays the ‘smile queen’ Cheon Sa Rang in King Hotel, selected the keywords “smile”, “hotelier”, and “sincerity” to describe her character. She explained, “‘Smile’ is because the character has a beautiful smile, ‘hotelier’ represents her image as someone who is kind and does her job well enough to gain recognition from other employees. And with her energy, she sincerely treats hotel guests and her loved ones and expresses love for them. That’s why I chose the keywords ‘smile’, ‘hotelier’, and ‘sincerity’.”

Go Won Hee explained her character, King Air flight attendant Oh Pyung Hwa, as a “peace advocate”, “a person full of energy”, and “a bear who wants to become a fox”. She introduced the character by highlighting Pyung Hwa’s desire to minimize conflicts, endure unfair situations alone, and live a round and harmonious life. The actress also mentioned that Pyung Hwa feels the most excited when she is with her best friend Cheon Sa Rang and Kang Da Eul (Kim Ga Eun). Despite being sincere and determined in her nature, Pyung Hwa sometimes misses opportunities because she always tries to take care of others. Many viewers are raising expectations for Go Won Hee’s dynamic portrayal of Oh Pyung Hwa in the drama.

Kim Ga Eun, who will take on the role of Kang Da Eul, the top saleswoman at King Retail’s duty-free shop and a working mom, said, “Kang Da Eul is a passionate ‘superwoman’ both at home and at work. She’s an ‘enthusiast for friends’ who prioritizes Cheon Sa Rang and Oh Pyung Hwa. In addition, ‘honest’, ‘confident’ and ‘loyal’ are the basic features to describe Da Eul when she is with her reliable colleagues, her beloved daughter, and her loyal friends”. Viewers can anticipate Kang Da Eul’s charms expressed through Kim Ga Eun’s acting. 

Choosing the keywords to describe his character Noh Sang Sik, a colleague and secretary of Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho), Ahn Se Ha picked “bouncy ball”, which indicates his bright and innocent personality, as well as “needle and thread”, to explain how Sang Sik follows Goo Won everywhere he goes. It is expected that Sang Sik’s vibrant energy and his interaction with Goo Won will add vitality to the drama.

Lastly, Kim Jae Won appears in “King the Land” as Lee Ro Woon, a flight attendant at King Air who only looks at senior Oh Pyung Hwa. He plans to showcase the boldness of a man in love with an older woman. Kim Jae Won called Lee Ro Woon “a straightforward younger man”, “an umbrella“, and “a romanticist”. The actor said, “Ro Woon wants to be a helpful and reliable umbrella for the person he loves, Oh Pyung Hwa.”

From the keywords introduced by the actors themselves, viewers can get a glimpse of the unique charms possessed by the six main characters in “King the Land”. Many drama fans are already curious to see how these charms will transform and develop as they meet various people and their influences on the relationships of these six people.

Source: Daum

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