Netizens debate on whether JYP new girl group members’ stage names are “inspired” by BLACKPINK

Don’t know if it’s intentional or unintentional, but the names of JYP’s new girl group members are somewhat similar to the 3 members of BLACKPINK.

After ITZY, JYP is about to launch a new girl group in February 2022. Profiles, images, and some of the skills of these girl group members have been revealed in recent videos published by JYP. The names of some members, however, are surprisingly controversial because they appear to be “inspired” by BLACKPINK.

JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK
Lily – the last member announced by JYP recently

First, let’s take a look at the names of 7 JYP girl group members: Lily, Haewon, Bae, Sullyoon, Kyujin, Jiwoo, and Jinni.  There are 3 members that make Kpop fans think of BLACKPINK: Lily – Lisa, Jiwoo – Jisoo, Jinni – Jennie.  Notably, Lisa is also known as Lily and has a YouTube channel named LiLiFilm.

JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK
Lily reminds netizens of Lisa
JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK
JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK
Jinni sounds similar to Jennie
JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK
JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK
The name Jiwoo is a little bit similar to Jisoo
JYPn plagiarized BLACKPINK

After discovering the coincidence, netizens left comments:

  • JYP seems to be obsessed with BLACKPINK?
  • For JYP, BLACKPINK is the norm.
  • JYP has a new promotion strategy, which is copying BLACKPINK’s names. 
  • Just a coincidence. BLACKPINK fans should stop making a fuss.
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