Viewers are shocked by Han So Hee’s daring bed scene in ‘My Name’

This time, Han So Hee even took off all of her clothes to do the bed scene with Ahn Bo Hyun.

Following the bed scenes that made Han So Hee‘s name in the first blockbuster “World of Marriage,” this beautiful actress gradually became the new generation’s “muse 18+.” In ‘Nevertheless’, as it is a TV series, So Hee and Song Kang’s hot scenes are not detailed, nor do they have to take off all their clothes. And now in My Name, a new Netflix series, Han So Hee finally has the most daring bed scene in her career.

han so hee

Han Soo Hee was completely naked in the bed scene with Ahn Bo Hyun this time. The couple stunned the audience with a highly provocative sex scene. In terms of the plot, this scene depicts Ji Woo (Han So Hee) being injured and being cared for by Pil Do (Ah Bo Hyun). Because they already had feelings for each other, they were unable to control their bodies when making physical contact. In the end, whatever has to happen, happens. This segment marks a turning point in Ji Woo and Pil Do‘s relationship, but it also adds to the bitterness of the ending.

Comments from netizens:

  • Song Kang is crying
  • My new muse. Han So Hee’s bed scene is the best!
  • Her chemistry with Ahn Bo Hyun is even better than with Song Kang.
  • Oh my eyes!!!!

My Name follows Yoon Ji Woo, a young girl whose father is killed unexpectedly. Seeking her father’s killers, Ji Woo teams up with a crime boss and joins the police, where she is paired with detective Jeon Pi Dol. 

han so hee

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