Professor Kim Hong Taek – Roy Kim’s dad apologize before his son: I apologize to the students

Kim Hong Taek, a professor at Hongik University, the father of singer Roy Kim, is making headlines for apologizing before his son at the university.

On April 3, a post shared on “Everytime” – an online community of college students – said, “It will be a little bit more difficult for Roy Kim’s father to give a lecture”. In response, another Internet user commented, “He apologized at his classes. What did he do wrong?”, drawing attention from the netizens.

Someone else asked about Professor Kim Hong Taek’s apology, “What did he say?” In response, the user shared, “He said “It’s all my fault. I’m sorry I didn’t have much interaction with my students, I’m supposed to cancel my classes. But I’m going to retire next year, so no matter how much I think, I’ll continue the classes. I apologize to all my students.

Kim Hong Taek, former chairman of Seoul Takju, currently works as a professor of construction and urban engineering at Hongik University.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation unit said on April 2 that they will summon Roy Kim as a witness in connection with Jeong Joon Young’s arrest on charges of illegal filming and distributing sex clips.

Roy Kim reportedly participated in the group chat room under the name “Roy Kim.” The police plan to check with Roy Kim whether he only watched the illegal videos or participated in the filming and distribution.

Sources: Nate

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