Netflix’s “Hellbound” Kim Hyun-joo was the original “Pure Goddess” in her 20s

Actor Kim Hyun-joo played the role of Min Hye-jin in “Hellbound” who confronted the behavior of the New Truth Society’s blind followers, the Arrowhead.

 SBS "Marrying a Millionaire".
SBS “Marrying a Millionaire”.

The audience is showing interest in Kim Hyun-joo, who boasts her perfect beauty aside from her good acting skill and unpretentious appearance in Netflix’s “Hellbound”.

Netizens are sharing photos of a Kim Hyun-joo in her 20s, who is now 45 years old, and complimenting her beauty that is unknown to the Z generation.

In particular, her appearance on SBS’s “Marrying a Millionaire”, which aired in 2005, is drawing huge attention.

 SBS "Marrying a Millionaire".
SBS “Marrying a Millionaire”.

In “Marrying a Millionaire”, Kim plays Han Eun-young, a banker who lost her parents when she was young and was abused by her stepmother and sister.

The actress acted as the love interest of Kim Young-hoon (Go Soo), her middle school alumni and a fake millionaire.

Kim Hyun-joo, who was 29 years old at the time, captivated men’s hearts by boasting perfect features such as white skin, large eyes and a tall nose.

She showed off her lovely charm with long wavy hair.

SBS "Marrying a Millionaire".
SBS “Marrying a Millionaire”.

Internet users complimented the actress, saying, “She was the top beauty at that time,” “She looks like Julia Roberts,” and “Kim Hyun-joo was everyone’s muse before Son Ye-jin appeared.”

Recently, Kim Hyun-joo chose the movie “Jeongi” (temporal title), directed by director Yeon Sang-ho of “Hellbound,” as her next film.

Jeongi” depicts a story happening in the 22nd century when the civil war broke out in a shelter created by mankind after climate change made it difficult to continue to live on Earth.

Netflix "Hellbound"
Netflix “Hellbound”

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