3 Korean dramas’ female character who are crazy in love

Beautiful, rich and famous, all 3 girls below are all crazy and daring in love

1. NJ in Our Beloved Summer

As Korea’s top female idol, who is beautiful and talented, NJ (Roh Jeong Eui) also has a one-sided love for Choi Woong (Choi Woo Sik).  As a celebrity, she knew she would be followed by a lot of paparazzi and crazy fans, but she still couldn’t help but ask Choi Woong to go out in public and even invite him into her house. All day, she just waited for Choi Woong‘s phone call. She also told everyone about her crush on Choi Woong.  She always takes the time to meet her crush.

The most recent time, she also asked Ji Woong – her crush’s best friend to go drinking until she got drunk, clearly stating that she was in love with Choi Woong, that she wanted to give up but couldn’t control her heart.

2. Yi Seo in Itaewon Class

Before falling in love with Choi Woong in Our Beloved Summer, Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) was once in love with Park Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon) in Itaewon Class.  Yi Se has a beautiful, cool appearance and especially has an IQ of 162 so she is very smart and talented. However, because of her love for Park Sae Ro Yi, Yi Seo was willing to give up a great opportunity in the future to apply for a part-time job at Park Sae Ro Yi‘s pub. 

Yi Seo always shows her love for Park Sae Ro YiYi Seo also officially confessed her crush.  Receiving her sudden confession, Park Sae Ro Yi decided to categorically reject her feelings.  However, the couple eventually entered a relationship and made a sweet love story.

2. Yi Seo in Itaewon Class

3. Go Moon Young in Psycho But It’s Okay

As a famous, beautiful and powerful writer, but having just fallen in love with Yang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun), Go Moon Young constantly flirts with him. She complimented Yang Tae, invited him home to sleep together, even shouted to confess while on the road,… Go Moon Young all carelessly expressed her feelings.  In the end, the couple officially fell in love and made a sweet and meaningful love story in Psycho But It’s Okay

3. Go Moon Young in Psycho But It’s Okay
3. Go Moon Young in Psycho But It’s Okay
3. Go Moon Young in Psycho But It’s Okay

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