Kim Sung-chul shows real-life playful personality totally different from his character Ji-woong in “Our Beloved Summer” in new behind-the-scene photos

Actor Kim Sung-chul, who is starring in “Our Beloved Summer,” captured women’s hearts with a totally different personality from his character’s in the drama.

Kim Sung-chul

On January 12th, Story J Company posted photos of Kim Sung-chul on the set of “Our Beloved Summer.”

In a released photo, Kim Sung-chul, dressed in a school uniform, showed off his playful charm while holding a fan like a gun and pointing at somewhere.

Kim Sung-chul made a cute expression, capturing fans’ attenttion.

In a particular photo, his expression with his eyes closed and “V” sign drew attention because of their cuteness.

He also gave a strong look at the camera, posing humorously, and giving off a funny charm.

He gives off a fresh atmosphere with his appearance, looking just like a high-school student despite the fact that he is already 32 years old this year.

Kim Sung-chul plays the role of documentary producer Kim Ji-woong, who has a crush on Kim Da-mi in “Our Beloved Summer,” causing a “2nd male lead syndrome.”

Seeing how Kim usually appears as a rather blunt and silent role in the drama but is actually a playful character in his daily life, Internet users responded, “He holds such a different charm” and “He’s definitely a funny guy.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sung-chul, along with Kim Go-eun, Park So-dam, and Ahn Eun-jin, drew attention as one of the “legendary 10th school year’s students of Korea National University of Arts.”


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