Han Ji-min, “I learned smoking for my role in ‘Miss Baek’. Later, many people asked me if I quit smoking” (You Quiz on the Block)

Actress Han Ji-min mentioned the movie “Miss Baek”.

On tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on July 6th, the scene where Han Ji-min appeared as a guest was broadcast in the “Talent that we want to steal” special.

Yoo Jae-seok mentioned the movie “Miss Baek”, saying “It was a movie about child abuse. I heard that the movie suffered a hard time as they couldn’t find an investor or distributor for the movie until the release date because she (Han Ji-min) is a top actress

Han Ji-min said, “As I played that role, many investors were like ‘Let’s drop out’, and the release schedule was delayed because we couldn’t decide on a distributor”.

The actress confessed, “I knew what image the public expect and want to see from me, so I thought it would be different but the investors seemed to have concerned about that a lot.

Yoo Jae-seok said, “I heard you tried smoking all kinds of cigarettes and spitting for the role at that time. It was the image of your character”, expressing his curiosity. Han Ji-min recalled and said, “I found out after filming the movie. First of all, the focus would be on the cigarette. Its appearance itself was a smoking scene. There was no time for me to practice. I met people who smoked cigarettes and told them, ‘Please show me how’. I also went to the corner and said ‘I’ll try spitting’.

She continued, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to join this movie if I couldn’t show some differences, so I kept biting the cigarette in my daily life activities, even when I was washing the dishes.

Han Ji-min shared, “Many people asked me ‘So, have you quit smoking?’”. Yoo Jae-seok said, “I was going to ask you the same question. Have you quit it?”. In response, the actress said, “I already quit it”.

Han Ji-min added, “I was so moved just by its release. However, there were less than 10,000, 20,000 audiences. I thought ‘Would this movie have been better if I wasn’t the main character?’ I was in agony.

Afterwards, Han Ji-min shared various stories about “Our Blues”, including fellow actress Jung Eun-hye.

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