4th gen female Kpop idols who can slay both feminine to girlboss concepts

Many female Kpop idols never let themselves be restricted to one concept, and the idols below are some prime examples. 

For female Kpop idols, there are two types of image that they often pursue: either princess-like and feminine or cool and girl crush. However, many idols seem to have no issue slaying both of these. 

Karina (aespa)

With her small face and perfect physique, Karina often dons long flowy hair, dresses, or feminine skirts. However, the female idol has recently floored fans when she appeared in a black blazer and matching pants for a speech at the U.N, and exuded girlboss power in every step. 

Winter (aespa) 

With her fairy-like features and recently dyed blond hair, Winter normally looks cute and princess-like. However, in a schedule at the U.N forum, Winter showed up in a striking and elegant all-black suit. 

Jang Wonyoung (IVE) 

Born in 2004, IVE Wonyoung used to become a hot topic when she wore a vest suit on stage – which was a complete contrast to her normal baby and princess-like image. 

Ahn Yujin (IVE)

Even before she debuted with IZ*ONE and later IVE, Ahn Yujin has been praised for her outstanding visuals. With an outstanding height and extremely attractive eyes, Yujin can shine in all sorts of outfits and styles, and the chic and cool blazer is no exception. 

Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Miyeon is famous for having flawless facial features and exuding an elegant aura. For a pictorial, she transformed her image from a feminine concept to a fiercer one by wearing suits. One thing that doesn’t change is Miyeon’s graceful vibes. 

Shuhua ((G)I-DLE)

Shuhua’s innocent visuals are well-loved among fans. The stylists love to put her in girly outfits such as dresses with floral patterns to emphasize her charm. However, during (G)I-DLE’s promotions for “TOMBOY”, when wearing a leather outfit with cropped jacket, white shirt, and black tie, Shuhua proved she can also pull off a cool and badass concept. Shuhua also drew much praise for her improvement in on-stage expressions during “TOMBOY” activities. 


Kazuha only debuted recently but has quickly made headlines with her pure and graceful visuals that remind netizens of the “nation’s first love” Suzy. Kazuha looks radiant even with simple and feminine makeup and styling, but when she puts on a suit, she stuns fans with how cool she looks. 


Sakura’s visuals give off soft and lovely vibes like the Japanese cherry blossoms, so feminine outfits suit her well. However, when she wears suits, she looks just as stunning and powerful. 

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