“Our Blues” Han Ji-min shed tears at Jung Eun-hye’s painting… “I was biased too”

Actress Han Ji-min showed her affection for fellow actress Jung Eun-hye.

On the July 6th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block“, Han Ji-min, who starred in the drama “Our Blues“, appeared and talked about various things.

On this day, Yoo Jae-suk asked, “Writer Noh Hee-kyung said that the story of Young-ok in ‘Our Blues’ wouldn’t have been possible without Han Ji-min. Isn’t it the best compliment?

Han Ji-min replied, “I have a long relationship with the writer. I’ve known her since 2007. The actress who played the role of my twin sister actually has Down syndrome. The writer said that she wanted me to help this actress because this actress was in a circumstance that had to be taken care of, so I took on that role.

Actress Jung Eun-hye, who worked with Han Ji-min in the work, suffers from Down syndrome, one of the developmental disorders. As in the drama “Our Blues”, she is working as a caricature artist.

Regarding this, Han Ji-min explained, “Like Young-hui in the drama, that friend suffered from schizophrenia and had a hard time. I was impressed that she actually drew 4,000 faces. In the drama, I should have shed tears at the end after seeing her painting, but I cried from the beginning, so I had to film the crying scene first.

Han Ji-min continued, “I guess I was biased too. There’s such a friend among my distant relatives. It’s difficult for them to interact with people and they’re sensitive to eye contact or emotional control. I was worried about how this friend would adapt on set. There were a lot of lines, so I didn’t think it’d be possible.”

She confessed, “Eun-hye was able to do well like a pro since we embraced her with love and helped her little by little. Eun-hye did a good job, so that episode was successful.

Han Ji-min added, “It was touching to see this friend interacting harmoniously with people on set, making eye contact and sometimes scolding me. I wanted to do well because I thought this drama would give courage and hope to friends with developmental disabilities. Meeting Young-hui was a miracle.

Jung Eun-hye expressed her affection, “I’m Lee Young-hui, a caricature artist and Young-ok’s elder twin sister. I got busy after the drama. Because of that girl’s popularity. It was fun acting with Ji-min and I was really happy. My birthday party was fun, too. Thank you for remembering me and I love you.

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