Former T-ara member Han Ah-reum announces second pregnancy after overcoming divorce crisis… “It’s not a mistake”

Former T-ara member Han Ah-reum announced her second pregnancy.

On July 8th, Han Ah-reum announced her second pregnancy through her YouTube channel, “The best birthday gift came to me belatedly on April 24th.”

She confessed, “To be honest, I felt weird from my birthday. It felt the same as the first time. So, I was just at home on my birthday, and it was an amazing treasure. I was sleepy all the time. Because it was the second time, morning sickness came early.”

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Han Ah-reum expressed joy at her second pregnancy, “Actually, there were two light lines before, but it wasn’t (pregnancy) since I went to the hospital. Natural miscarriage. My husband and I had plans for the second child, but it didn’t come easily. Our parents told us not to fight anymore. Then it just came like that.”

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Han Ah-reum emphasized, “We both wanted the second child!! It’s not a mistake!!! We even thought about the third child!! I’ve said this several times. We appeared on the show to improve our relationship. What happened to us is no different from any other couple, although the methods may be different for each couple! It’s just a disagreement!”

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She added, “Now that we’re approaching our 4th year, a lot of things have changed in the past 2 months after the show. We care about each other and love each other a lot^^ The first child is growing up so beautifully. Is it a mistake… what… I saw a comment like that! No! Our second child is a blessing and happiness! Thank you very much to those who congratulated me.”

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Meanwhile, Han Ah-reum joined girl group T-ara in 2012 and withdrew from the team in 2013 due to health reasons. She later appeared on KBS2’s “Idol Rebooting Project – The Unit” in 2017.

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Han Ah-reum announced her premarital pregnancy in 2019 and put the wedding ceremony forward in October that year. However, she recently appeared on TVING’s original entertainment program “Between Marriage and Divorce” and drew attention by confessing that she and her husband are going through a divorce crisis.

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