Netflix’s general VP talked about “Single’s Inferno” skin color controversy: “We’re learning with a humble attitude”

Netflix is struggling with the controversy over global cultural differences.

During Netflix’s 2022 Korean content lineup announcement and non-face-to-face video Q&A held on Jan 19th, Netflix’s general VP of content for Korea Kang Dong-han talked about the controversy arising from cultural differences.

Recently, Netflix’s Korean entertainment show “Single’s Inferno” was criticized by some overseas viewers for the remarks of a male participant who said “It looks white and pure” while looking at a female cast member’s skin. This was a statement based on white supremacy. The controversy was caused by cultural differences as white skin was traditionally used as a standard of beauty in Korea.

Single's Inferno skin color controversy

As Netflix is serviced in more than 190 countries, Korean contents are introduced to the global market, and there have been cases where it received unexpected criticism from global viewers. General VP Kang Dong-han said, “Actually, there are a lot of concerns like this. If you think about it, it hasn’t been long since Netflix started streaming worldwide. In the process, there are new things every day. Especially in terms of culture.”

Single's Inferno skin color controversy

He shared, “It’s okay in Korea, but not okay in other countries. Sometimes it’s okay in other countries, but not okay in Korea. This part is considered very important and serious.” He then added, “We often do translations and subtitles by ourselves, but we also collaborate with third-party partners in many parts. Each case is an opportunity to develop, so we’re learning with a humble attitude.”


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