Twice’s Chaeyoung Draws Attention for Similarity Between Ex and Current Boyfriends

On the 5th, the agencies of Chaeyoung and Zion.T admitted to the dating news, stating, “The two have developed feelings for each other and are supporting one another.”

On this day, it was reported that Chaeyoung and Zion.T have been dating for six months after being introduced by a mutual friend. It was reported that the two enjoyed public dates in the Hannam-dong and Yeonhui-dong areas.

chaeyoung zion.t

This is not the first time Chaeyoung has been involved in relationship rumors. In November 2020, rumors of a relationship with tattoo artist Chimhasa surfaced.

At the time, rumors spread online about the two enjoying a trip abroad together and shopping at a large supermarket. However, Chaeyoung’s agency, JYP Entertainment, drew a line, stating they had no comment regarding the relationship rumors.

Amidst this,there are discussions that Chimhasa and Zion.T have a similar vibe.

chimhwasa chaeyoung

Appearing as a guest on the online channel ‘Turkeys On The Block’ in 2021, Chaeyoung confessed, “My ideal type looks a little sick. I also like someone who has a bit of a decadent and sexy vibe.”

In response, netizens expressed surprise, saying, “Chaeyoung’s ideal type seems firm,” “Her preference is pine trees,” “She said she likes someone delicate and decadent, and it turns out to be true.”

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