Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica “It’s best for me not to speak how I feel on the inside”

Singer Jessica shared meaningful innermost thoughts.

Jessica said on a Vlog released through her personal YouTube channel on Sep 26th, “I don’t really speak how I feel on the inside.”

On this day, Jessica revealed the time she spent to re-debut as a girl group member in China and her daily life in China through the Vlog.

While Jessica was writing a letter to fans, she confessed, “As fans know, I don’t really speak how I feel on the inside.”

jessica jung

She drew attention by adding, “I tried to keep it to myself. Because over the years, I learned that that was best for me. But with you guys, I can say anything, right? I can do it.”

Jessica was selected as a member of the final debut group on the Chinese survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves Season 3“. She ranked 2nd and is currently about to make her re-debut.

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