Cai Xukun revealed the truth about his relationship with Lisa, the KunSa ship sinks?

Darren Wang is known as a huge fanboy of Lisa, however, when he asked Cai Xukun for help, he received an unfortunate response.

The story that made the fans of the couple Lisa (BLACKPINK) – Cai Xukun “heartbroken” today is causing a stir on social media.  The two have long been rumored to be secretly dating, having feelings for each other, becoming the couple that Chinese fans “sail the ship” the most, but, in a reality TV show, because of a small detail, Cai Xukun has revealed the truth that the relationship of the two is not as “dreamy” as many people think.

Specifically, in the show “My Life”, Darren Wang showed that he is a huge fanboy of Lisa.  He liked “Lisa-laoshi” so much that he practiced cover dancing to the song “Attention” that Lisa used to use as background music. Seeing that, Justin – NINE PERCENT member in the same group with Cai Cukun shared that he really wanted to help Darren Wang to be able to connect with Lisa by filming the dance video of the male actor, then sending it to Cai Xukun to ask for help.

 Later, Darren Wang sent a voice message to Cai Xukun, and although he is older but because of his love for Lisa, Darren even called Cai Xukun “big brother”: “Big bro, it’s me Darren Wang. Your show is really cool, I like that show very much, and I’m a big fan of Lisa. Justin and I plan to shoot a dance video, can you send it to her for me? I like Lisa a lot. ”  .

 After anxiously waiting, Darren Wang eventually got an unfortunate response from Cai Xukun: “I’m sorry but I have no way to contact her“.  This means that Cai Xukun has no phone number or any way to personally contact Lisa, leading many KunSa shippers to be disappointed because it turns out that the two are not as close as imagined.

Cai Xukun revealed the truth about his relationship with Lisa, the KunSa ship sinks?

 Before this, there were countless rumors that the KunSa couple had shown many loving signs toward each other. Some fans even believe that Cai Xukun came to Korea to secretly date Lisa. Up until now, the two stars have not provided any response to the rumors.

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