LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam suspected of going on a social Q&A site to ask if she could erase her school violence record 

Netizens are convinced this question was posted by Kim Garam in 2020 because of the matching timeframe. 

Recently, an anonymous post uploaded in 2020 to JishikIN, a Korean online question-and-answer community similar to Quora, with strikingly matching details and timeframe to Kim Garam’s alleged school violence was discovered and raised the suspicion that Kim Garam was the one who wrote it. 

le sserafim kim ga ram

Specifically, in the post titled “About School Violence Prevention Article 17, Paragraph 1, No. 5”, the following question was made, “This was recorded from my first year of middle school. I’m going to enter an art school. Is it going to be disadvantageous if this is left on my student register? And is the punishment I received worth erasing?.”

le sserafim kim ga ram
Translation of the photo included in the question post: According to Act on the Prevention and Countermeasures of School Violence Article 17, Paragraph 1, No. 5 (1 day to apply the measure to complete the special education program, July 9, 2018)

Netizens believe it was Kim Garam behind this question because the post was made in March, 2020, the same time Kim Garam was a 16-year-old third grader in middle school. Moreover, Kim Garam’s School Violence Countermeasures Committee was held on June 4, 2018. And as shown in the academic record in the JishikIN post, the punishment was made on July 9, 2018. The punishment Kim Garam received has been confirmed to be level 5, which also matches what is seen in the post. 

le sserafim kim ga ram

Also, netizens are convinced that the post was written by Kim Garam based on the fact that she is currently attending Seoul Performing Arts High School. 


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