Netizens say these are the idols who can be exposed by Dispatch on Jan. 1st

The closer it gets to January 1st, the more nervous K-POP fans become as Dispatch always reveals a celebrity couple on this day.

Let’s see which celebrities’ dating life could be published on January 1st.

For years, January 1st has become a fear for many K-POP fans because it is time for Dispatch to bring the news about couples who are secretly dating to the light to satisfy the curiosity by the public. Despite being criticized very much, Dispatch still maintains this tradition because there are still many people who support it.

Last year, K-POP fans had a fairly peaceful January 1st when no big or surprisingly controversial couple was revealed. K-POP fans even sarcastically said Dispatch was “out of time” when unable to launch a “hit” for the New Year’s day. At the same time, another newspaper, TV Report, joined the track of the “love executioners.” Netizens even thought that couples reported by TV Report in 2018 were hotter than Dispatch’s.

However, many people predict that the upcoming 2019 will not be so quiet. In the past year, Dispatch was quite tight-lipped when it wasn’t digging in too much for showbiz. There is a high possibility that this news page is holding a very hot couple and will soon release news to regain 2018.

Dispatch’s targets are diverse, yet the hottest are still idols and actors, then athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. However, the most anticipated targets are probably the idol/idol groups that are no longer rookies but never had a rumor of dating. Let’s see who will probably become Dispatch’s next object!

A Pink

A Pink is a girl group that has debuted for nearly 8 years. During the past time, A Pink members have never confirmed dating rumors because they worried fans will be hurt. Even, because of their innocent images, A Pink is very reserved and cautious when dealing with men.

However, the members of the group are all mature, they have a strong position in the entertainment industry. The public also advised A Pink to gradually find their own half, as long as they choose good people, fans will support them. It is possible that the A Pink‘s members will be the next person called by Dispatch.

Red Velvet

Compared to the 3rd generation girl groups, Red Velvet is considered mature enough and has a stable reputation. These girls debuted in 2014, next year, Red Velvet will be 5 years in Korea showbiz.

Although there are many rumors of dating, members of Red Velvet have never confirmed their love lives. Personal life and Red Velvet‘s relationships are a big question for netizens. A scandal of Red Velvet dating being revealed will be a big blow for K-POP fans.


Like Red Velvet, BTS has been a senior in the 3rd generation idol and has a great career for an idol group. Some members of the group are older and have been working for a long time.

If BTS has a rumor of dating at this stage, then it’s no strange news. Moreover, BTS is currently the hottest male group K-POP. Not only music but also the private life of the group is very interesting to netizens. Surely many media units are eager to hunt for BTS’s dating news.

Top solo singers

Currently, there are many solo artists that fan interested in both career and private life. Some notable names in the upcoming January 1st episode are IU, Suzy, Taeyeon, Sunmi, Dean, Jay Park, etc. These are all very attractive names when they appear. In particular, some are hot names in creating controversy, typically Taeyeon. Every news of Taeyeon’s private life made K-POP fans go crazy and talk non-stop.

Source: KClive

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