NEPA’s advertisement for Jun Ji-hyun’s drama “Jirisan” is causing a controversy

Although NEPA joins with “Jirisan” as PPL, their advertisement phrase shows a rude attitude towards the drama.

While the outdoor brand NEPA is used as a PPL (product placement – indirect advertisement) in tvN’s drama “Jirisan“, the phrase in the advertisement at a large company’s mall exclusively for employees where NEPA products are sold is receiving criticism.

Recently, an article titled “NEPA is publicly promoting for drama Jirisan” was posted in various online communities. The advertisement poster in the post says, “Jirisan is ruined, but NEPA is still NEPA”, adding that 7 jackets will be sold at a 38% discount.

NEPA's advertisement Jirisan

According to a report in the industry, it has been confirmed that the advertisement was provided by “BENE4U”, a Samsung Electronics mall for employees operated by Samsung Card. All padding products at the mall are known to be out of stock.

However, it is pointed out that the advertising phrase is somewhat inappropriate. This could be interpreted as “the quality and brand power of NEPA products remains even when “Jirisan” is suffering from negative reviews”, even though NEPA is participating in “Jirisan” as PPL.

NEPA's advertisement Jirisan

Regarding this, an official from Nepa said, “It was confirmed as a pop-up window uploaded on a shopping mall exclusively for employees of a company, not our brand’s own mall. The advertisement was conducted regardless of us. Currently, the poster has been taken down and and we are investigating related matters.”

Netizens showed reactions such as “It’s so rude”, “They’re the only ones who enjoy that advertising phrase”, “How can you use that phrase in a drama where your brand’s model is appearing?”, “I can’t cheer you on”, “Nepa suddenly looks so cheap”, “It’s so bad that if I were Jun Ji-hyun, I wouldn’t renew the contract with NEPA”…

NEPA's advertisement Jirisan

Meanwhile, “Jirisan“, which first aired on Oct 23rd, is a mystery drama depicting the story of Jirisan National Park’s best ranger Seo Yi-gang (Jun Ji-hyun) and the new ranger Kang Hyun-jo (Joo Ji-hoon), who has an unspeakable secret, digging into a mysterious accident in the mountain.


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