MOMOLAND releases scheduler for new song “Yummy Yummy Love” ahead of their comeback

Girl group MOMOLAND has released a comeback scheduler for their new song “Yummy Yummy Love”.

At 0 o’clock on Jan 5th, MOMOLAND posted a scheduler for the digital single album “Yummy Yummy Love” on their official SNS channels and began a full-fledged comeback countdown. According to the scheduler, various contents will be opened sequentially, starting with concept photo #1 on Jan 6th. In particular, 2 music video teasers will be unveiled one after another on Jan 12th and 13th. After that, “Yummy Yummy Love” music video & music will be released on Jan 14th.

MOMOLAND Yummy Yummy Love

MOMOLAND’s new album is drawing more attention thanks to the group’s collaboration with South American singer Natti Natasha. Natti Natasha is the main character of the worldwide hit “Criminal“, whose music video recorded 2.3 billion views, and she is also a representative Latin pop singer with 34 million SNS followers.

MOMOLAND Yummy Yummy Love

People are focusing on what kind of music and concept that MOMOLAND, which is making a comeback in about a year since “Wrap Me In Plastic” (Feb 2021), will present to capture global fans’ hearts.

Meanwhile, MOMOLAND plans to raise expectations for their comeback by releasing the first concept photo series on Jan 6th.

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