This K-drama couple reunited after 4 years and made fans go crazy seeing them next to each other again

These two actors, who played a couple 4 years ago, recently reunited in a pictorial. 

Actors Son Seok Koo and Jeon Yeo Been appeared as lovers in the 2019 drama “Melo Is My Nature.” Recently, the two of them reunited as a couple for a photo shoot after 4 years, drawing much attention.

Fashion magazine Marie Claire recently posted a behind-the-scenes video of the two’s photoshoot on its official YouTube channel. In the video, Son Seok Koo and Jeon Yeo Been did  a short interview before and after the shoot.

Son Seok-gu Jeon Yeo-bin
Son Seok-gu Jeon Yeo-bin

Jeon Yeo Been said, “As soon as we came today, we asked what the concept of lovers was.” She went on to explain the concept of the shoot, saying, “We portrayed sentimental lovers.” The two smiled embarrassingly while shooting with the concept of a couple.

Son Seok Koo said, “We see each other occasionally. I see Jeon Yeo Been once or twice a year,” revealing their still close friendship, and Jeon Yeo Been added, “That’s right. We sometimes listen to each other’s advice.”

Son Seok-gu Jeon Yeo-bin

Meanwhile, through this pictorial, the two expressed the delicate feelings of lovers who remained in each other’s memories vaguely but beautifully. In addition to their sizzling chemistry, Son Seok Koo and Jeon Yeo Been’s similarly luxurious and sophisticated aura is also shown through every shot. 

Source: Daum

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