EXO’s Chen Emerges as a Hero: Rescuing a Female Student from Brutal Assault on the Streets

Chen (EXO) Saves Female Student from Assault on the Street

A powerful story is spreading like wildfire across the internet, painting a portrait of EXO’s Chen as a true savior. It is recounted by a Twitter user who claims that on the fateful night of May 11th, while making her way home, she was viciously attacked by a gang of four female students from her own school. In the midst of the relentless onslaught, a young man cloaked in black, donning a protective face mask, appeared as a beacon of hope.


This enigmatic young man fearlessly stepped forward, intervening in the horrifying assault, sternly admonishing the assailants that violence against others would not be tolerated. Unyielding in his resolve, he faced the wrath of one of the aggressors, who demanded that he mind his own business. However, undeterred by their threats, he stood his ground, resolute in his mission to protect the vulnerable victim.

Witnessing the girl’s fragile state, overwhelmed with fear and exhaustion, he remained by her side, offering solace and support. He selflessly borrowed her phone, swiftly alerting her worried mother and concerned homeroom teacher, providing a detailed account of the harrowing incident and seeking guidance on the appropriate course of action.


When the girl’s mother arrived on the scene, he, with a humble gesture, removed his face mask and bowed respectfully. In that poignant moment, she recognized the face before her—none other than EXO’s Chen. Emotions overwhelmed her as she realized that her daughter’s guardian angel was a beloved idol, whose music and talents had captured the hearts of millions.

Now safely at home, her physical wounds healing and her spirit bolstered, the girl vows to bring the perpetrators to justice, intending to report their heinous actions to the school’s disciplinary committee. In a heartfelt tweet, she expresses profound gratitude to her rescuer, acknowledging the relentless torment she endured and finding solace in his words of encouragement.


This awe-inspiring account has captivated the online realm, resonating deeply with those who admire acts of courage and compassion. As whispers of this remarkable incident echo throughout cyberspace, fans eagerly await official confirmation from SM Entertainment, desperate to celebrate and honor Chen for his remarkable display of benevolence and heroism.

Source: twitter

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