Why did HYBE Labels stubbornly vindicate Garam to debut?

In recent days, the collaboration of HYBE Labels and Source Music has received much attention from fans.

Accordingly, these two companies have collaborated to launch a new girl group called LE SSERAFIM. However, since member Kim Garam was announced, the project has caused many fierce controversies.

Le Sserafim Kim Garam
Kim Garam caused a lot of controversy before debuting. 

Kim Garam impresses fans with her beauty and perfect body. In the set of photos published by HYBE and Source Music, the female rookie exudes an innocent, pure and pure aura. However, behind that flashy appearance, she once had a controversial past.

Specifically, Kim Garam was accused by many people of being a glorious “big sister” during her school days. The female rookie has often physically influenced her classmates and violated the school’s rules.

Worth mentioning, Garam also took pictures with her classmates on a blackboard full of offensive drawings. They also teased seniors like V (BTS), IVE and Sakura (LE SSERAFIM, former IZ*ONE member). On another blackboard, Kim Garam and her group of friends wrote on the board the words: “It’s BTS’ company HYBE, which debuted with Sakura with Chaewon at Source Music. Congratulations Garam, let’s beat IVE”.

In addition, the beauty of the female rookie who has not yet debuted is also controversial. During pre-debut, Kim Garam had a darker complexion, a rather large face, big eyes, and wider lips than now. Therefore, she is suspected of using artificial methods to get her current beauty.

Before the controversy about Kim Garam, HYBE Labels and Source Music took action to defend her. This made the fans extremely angry.

“We would like to give our stance on the controversies related to Kim Garam – who has been confirmed as a debut member in the girl group LE SSERAFIM of Source Music under HYBE. From yesterday, several websites have raised suspicions about Kim Garam, and HYBE conducted an internal verification procedure. The result was that charges were made by skillfully editing issues that arose in the early period after entering junior high. It was Kim Garam who was affected.

In addition, we have also confirmed that content such as Kim Garam was a trainee of another management company or internal documents of the company were leaked, which are completely untrue. We suspect that this rumor has many malicious intentions to tarnish the image of the upcoming artist. Source Music has begun processing according to regulations,”

-the company announced-

Le Sserafim Kim Garam
Garam is still protected by the company to be debuted. 

Most netizens think that the reason why HYBE stubbornly vindicates Garam is because it invests too much in LE SSERAFIM. Accordingly, this is HYBE’s first girl group since GLAM disbanded in 2015. Other girl groups like GFRIEND, fromis_9 are all owned by the company when HYBE was acquired.

Therefore, LE SSERAFIM is invested and highly expected by HYBE. The trainees are all trained for a long time. HYBE and its subsidiary also worked hard to convince outstanding faces like Sakura, Chaewon, Huh Yunjin and Kazuha into the lineup.

Le Sserafim
LE SSERAFIM debut lineup. 

Not only that, LE SSERAFIM also had a period of time to be trained in the US. At the same time, the group is also built for a storyline with many intriguing conspiracy theories for each member. So, if Garam doesn’t debut, HYBE Labels and Source Music will surely lose a lot.

Therefore, many netizens believe that HYBE will not care about public opinion for Garam to debut. People also said: “If it’s wrong to protect Garam, then HYBE doesn’t need to be right”

Le Sserafim
The storyline of LE SSERAFIM is heavily invested. 

Currently, Kim Garam‘s case is still controversial. At the same time, public opinion is still outraged with the handling of HYBE Labels, while all the evidence is very clear.

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