Demi Lovato “underestimated” BTS at AMAs 2017? Here’s the truth…

Many anti-fans intentionally made up negative sayings to create a war between Demi’s and BTS’s fandoms.

Demi Lovato showed up and had an amazing speech at the recent American Music Awards 2017. She talked about bullying and raised an awareness of its huge impacts in America. Demi even invited Danica Roem to join her speech because both of them used to face the same difficulties. Danica made history when becoming the 1st transgender to be elected to a state legislature.
To prove her speech, Demi performed “Sorry Not Sorry” as a hit toward those who hated her.

Obviously, her purpose was to convey a message: do not become a bully or let yourself be bullied. However, many Twitter users accused Demi of bullying a Kpop boy group – BTS.
Some netizens made up Demi’s sayings about this boy group on the red carpet of AMAs. Demi did not speak ill of BTS and she would never do. Even though this was unreal information, let’s take a look at some posts to see how ridiculous they are.
bts, Demi Lovato, 2017
I think this is American Music Awards, so tonight, we should only congratulate American artists. Will there even be an interpreter?” – Demi Lovato talked about BTS’s performance at this AMAs #BTSxAMAs”, user @lordeslut made up.

At the end of the day, we congratulate American artists and I feel that BTS does not deserve to be the spotlight tonight. You know, this is just an opinion but…” – Demi Lovato talked about #BTSAMAS in her latest interview #AMASXBTS #BTSARMY”, user @wecangetright also made this up.
It is ridiculous that all of Demi’s photos uploaded by these user were not taken at American Music Awards. This is such a selfish action to attack both Demi and BTS.

When showing up together with Danica Roem at the event, the owner of the hit “Cool for the Summer” was interviewed by James Decker. Demi only showed her respect and amazing public speaking skill through the message she wanted to convey. More importantly, she did not mentioned BTS. So far, the former princess of Disney has not made any comment on this. Hopefully, the audience will find out everything clearly before judging so that there will be no misunderstandings.

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