Han Ga-in’s husband mentioned her dissing his photographing skills, “I will only take photos for the kids now”

Yeon Jung-hoon expressed his disappointment toward Han Ga-in.

KBS 2TV’s “2 Days 1 Night Season 4,” which aired on February 27, showed the members traveling to Geoje, Gyeongnam. On this day, the six members enjoyed the warm air at a huge greenhouse botanical garden. In the dense jungle unfolded, Yeon Jung-hoon took a camera out and took pictures of the members, showing his passion.

Yeon Jung-hoon 2 Days 1 Night

However, DinDin teased Yeon Jung-hoon by mentioning his wife Han Ga-in, saying, “Sister-in-law said she didn’t like all the pictures taken by you.” Han Ga-in recently appeared on a YouTube variety show and expressed her feelings about this.

Yeon Jung-hoon 2 Days 1 Night

Then, Yeon Jung-hoon made a sulky face and said, “I’ll only do my own activities here (so don’t mention my wife),” and Moon Se-yoon said, “I am only asking,” and he said, ‘I’m only going to take pictures of the kids now,” making everyone laugh.

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