Lee Jong Suk’s reversal charms, shoulders as wide as the Pacific, yet overflowing with cuteness

One of the best Korean actors, Lee Jong Suk, showed off his adorable caption.

On October 23rd, famous actor Lee Jong Suk posted a photo with the caption, “Ggogi 2022” (cute way of saying “meat” in Korean”).  

In the published photo, Lee Jong Suk can be seen looking for fish under the water in a harbor.

Contrary to his urban appearance, the actor attracted attention with his youthful visuals. Fans who saw the photo enthusiastically showed reactions such as “I have to be born as a fish in my next life, then, there will be a moment in my life where I get to meet you”, “Isn’t it a foul to be this cute?”, and “Your shoulder is as wide as the Pacific ocean.”

Decibel lee jong suk

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will soon make his return with the upcoming movie “Decibel”. “Decibel” is a sound terror action movie, which revolves around a bomb designer (Lee Jong Suk) who wants to blow up the city center with a special bomb that explodes when the noise increases, and a former deputy captain of the navy (Kim Rae Won), who became his target.

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